About us

«Bitlend Wallet Ltd» company was founded in 2018. Our project initially consisted of the enthusiasts group, which goal was to provide own users with a simple, convenient and secure way to store their cryptocurrency. Today our team consists of a huge best IT-developers, analysts, traders, marketers and lawyers team, which provided us with a great chance to bring our project to a completely new level.

Our developers team has been developing secure cold cryptocurrency wallet for a long time, where the users could hold their funds without fear of being compromised. Then we released «Bitlend Wallet» project after multiple operation and testing months.

What is our system’s advantage and cardinal difference from all others?

Firstly, all your funds are stored in cold accounts, equipped with a multi-level security system which contributes to the funds hacking and theft threat absence. We managed to provide reliable storage and secure access to your funds due to our highly-qualified developers team.

Secondly, you are provided with an opportunity to use our project as the additional income method. You can transfer your funds to the trust management analysts and traders team, which places them in the exchange partners’ accounts, then we increase your deposit and let us get super profits while using lending functions on the exchanges, which we lend your funds to margin traders on exchanges and receive interest on it without the risk of losing principal.


«Bitlend Wallet Ltd» project foundation


The first «Bitlend Wallet Ltd» office opening


Contracts signing with new partner exchanges


Mobile platform apps launch


Own token development


Company’s department opening in the United States


Token listing on the partner exchanges


Company’s department opening in China


Obtaining a banking license


Own bank cards issue

Company employee

Bradliy Stivens

CEO & Co-Founder (CEO & Founder)

Hanako Nakamuro

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder (COO & Founder)

Ichiro Abe

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Lana Teilor

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Audrey Cooper

Marketing Director

Daniar Dorin

Legal Department Director

We managed to assemble professional team from all over the world in order to become the best! We conduct our activities on all the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides we analyze a huge information amount and successfully close transactions including within the most unfavorable circumstances.

Thus, our project provides both safe and secure cryptocurrency storage services as well as an opportunity to increase own income risks-free way. Our partners list includes such crypto giants as Bitfinex, Poloniex, Huobi, Bitmex, Kraken, Bitmax and other international exchanges as well.

Our project’s goal is to make every person’s financial life easier and safer, which became possible due to «Bitlend Wallet Ltd» opportunities. Be sure to provide us with a chance to monitor your funds, and we’ll both ensure their safety and security as well as help to increase your income!